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EZ Frame

Developed by Dr. Grant for a simplified approach to limb salvage, trauma & reconstruction of the foot. The EZ Frame lowers complications by utilizing wires in the foot only with no need to place wires in the tibia.

EZ Frame features a plantar plate, which can be adjusted or removed for off-loading ulcers, wound care and dressing changes.



The G Beam is a stainless steel beam placed within the bones of the arch of the foot to support the body’s weight in diabetic Charcot foot, a highly destructive and complex disorder which can affect diabetics who’ve had the disease and neuropathy for a long time. The G Beam idea is based on bending moment calculations to produce an internal steel rod that will hold the patient’s weight even when the bones are failing. Its purpose is diabetic limb salvage.

Stainless steel post and hexagonal nut prevents loss of tensioning

Bottom View With Plantar Plate Removed

EZ Frame boot connects to the foot plate with carbon rods.